History Laboratory

The arthropodology laboratory and Health (LAS) was founded in January 2015 in the then School of Biology-BUAP. From the beginning the main objective has been to generate knowledge from disciplines of systematics and ecology in arthropods, especially those health relevance. Have generated four research projects funded, a project retention CONACYT, Consisting of 12 students at the undergraduate level, Master 1 student (co-management), 11 articles in indexed and / or refereed journals, book chapters, a popular article 11 papers presented at national and international conferences.

Today, in the LAS are developing five thesis and master's thesis co-direction. In addition, it is being formed arthropod collection of medical-veterinary importance.

LAS objectives:

  • Generate research projects that include aspects of faunal and ecological relevance of arthropods of public health.
  • Develop human resources of high quality undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Establish networks of academic collaboration that enhance the quality of the products generated in the laboratory.


Research lines Labays

  • Diversity of arthropods of medical-veterinary importance to timescale and landscape.

  • Eco-epidemiology of transmitting insects emerging and reemerging diseases.

  • host-parasite interactions.

  • Bloodsucking Diptera central Mexico.

  • Urban Entomology.

  • geographical distribution of arthropods.